• Títol 2. Portal de les Hores (en)

  • 2. Portal de les Hores

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  • Now you are between Sant MartÝ and Major streets, where the doorway and the Tower of the Hours was located. This was the second enlargement of the wall. Above the doorway was a chapel where Saint Tecla was venerated and at the top of which you can find the bells of the public clock, which gave it its name.

    The fact that Sant Celoni is halfway between Barcelona and Girona, in a time in which the journey took two days on horseback, favoured the establishment of hostels and artisan crafts. The 16th century was a favourable economic moment, and there were already 105 houses in the village, most of the heads of households worked as artisans who supplied the local market and the Baix Montseny, of which we can highlight the wool weavers and linen makers, shoemakers and tailors as well as those related to farm work such as blacksmiths and coopers.

    The houses have a simple structure, with a ground floor accessed through a large doorway that led to a workshop and one or two stories. Over the lintel of the doors you can observe some inscriptions from that time giving information such as the name of the owners or symbols of the different trades. You can also observe the decorations on some of the original 16th century windows, with characteristic late gothic style decoration.

    Now continue down Major street until you arrive in the Church Square.

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