• Títol 12: L'escorxador (en)

  • 12. L'escorxador

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  • In 1926, the municipal architect, Josep Domènech Mansana, designed this building, at some distance from the centre, to house the town slaughterhouse. The building follows the design of a country house, with a basilica ground plan, a higher central nave to facilitate illumination of the space. It was rehabilitated in 1999 and converted into the municipal library with the additions of a lateral building that you can see on the right.

    The bronze sculpture at the end of the square was made in 1953 by the local artist Lluís Montané and was installed here in 2005 to commemorate the centenary of his birth.

    This is the end of your audio guide visit. If you take any of the streets in front of the library, in a few minutes you will arrive at the centre of the town, where you can find a wide-ranging offer of restaurants with diverse high quality food, as well as different establishments offering handcrafted products and characteristic establishments of a dynamic commercial area.

    We hope you have found this visit interesting and encourage you to continue discovering other corners of Sant Celoni. Thank you very much and we hope to see you again soon!

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