peu ruta audioguiadaThis is the first audio-guided route developed by the Sant Celoni´s city hall. The itinerary includes 12 points of historical and cultural interest, identified by a monolith with a brief description, an indication to arrive to the next point and a QR-code for mobile devices linking to an audio file with a complete description for each point. All the texts and audios are available in four languages (Catalan, Spanish, English and French). The complete itinerary takes around 2 hours.

If you don´t have a QR-reader you can:

  • Access with your mobile to this link, which will place you at the first point of the itinerary, and then, you will be able to advance and download all the files or go directly to an specific point of the route.
  • Download the audio files and the texts directly from this link.


If you want to install a QR reader in your mobile, there are several free applications for Android (QR Droid, QR Code Reader) and for iOS (ScanLife, Bidi).

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